The Eskimo 39-in Fishing Auger is a fantastic device that will cut up to an 8 inch diameter. There is a 39 inch auger, safety ring, centering point, and a twin turbo blade cutting system that operates with a right-hand rotation. This is a great product by Eskimo that makes ice fishing that much easier.

Children all over the world practice Yoga. Studies have shown that yoga is a great stress reducer for kids and is something they can even enjoying doing with mom and dad at home. This Youth Yoga Mat is a great present for your child. It is perfect for teaching warm-up and cool-down exercises. We love that 16 exercises are printed right on the mat for easy access. This makes learning these exercises easier for the child.

The Dual Comfort Hot or Cold Therapy Pack Trisectional – Hot Cold Therapy Pack is ideal for sports injury or pain relief from other injuries. The trisectional pack has 3 segments specifically designed to conform to the many joings of your body. Perfect for knees, shoulders, and neck discomfort, the packs can be stored in a freezer and will stay nice and soft when removed. Also used as a hot pack, it can help reduce inflammation or chronic pain. This is one of those products that every household should have, especially with young kids and athletes.

Protect your kids from the snow the right way. Start with the Kids Victory Peak Insulated Bib Pants. Durable and practical, these pants are water repellent and protected with Omni-Shield to keep your child protected from the elements. Grow cuffs extend the leg length 2 inches to keep up with your child’s growth and the polyester insulation supplies the ultimate comfort and low bulk.

The Ride On Lamborghini! What else is there to say? A great toy to spoil your child but sure to put quite the smile on your little one’s face. Modeled after the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV it will push your rider at a whopping one a half miles an hour. The car includes a low profile chassis, a rear spoiler, a graphic representation of a twelve cylinder engine, and aerodynamic side mirrors. Your child will steer while pressing the accelerator-the car instantly stops when the child takes their foot off the gas. Is it worth seeing your child with a gigantic smile? Give this product a drive!


Take on nature’s greatest challenges with a Suunto Core Multifunction Watch. You will love the data it provides! With an altimeter, barometer, and a compass, the wrist top design is perfect for tracking performance, direction, and even weather. It displays current elevation and elevation loss/gain for later analysis . The watch has storm alert features and an accurate durable compass. Just what you need on your next backcountry adventure.

Good product here! You can stop searching for a heart monitor right now and just get this one! The Kettler Cardio Pulse Heart Monitor has the accuracy of an ECG and is great for use with Kettler exercising equipment. The heart frequency is measured in the chest area and then transferred wire-free to a computer. Great to use with the other Kettler fitness pieces with an electronic display.


The Award Winning Ergonomic Tricycle, what else is there to say? Winner of the Toy of the Year Award from”Creative Child Magazine”, this adjustable tricycle is perfect for your child. It can be configured in 9 various positions for the handlebar and padded saddle to keep your child comfortable and cozy while riding. What makes this tricycle unique? The pedals are located in a more natural position beneath the seat like an adult’s bike. With a 3-point harness and safety stop on the handlebar, the bike will not topple over. The oversized wheels also provide a super smooth ride.

Great for a variety of outdoor conditions,  the SmartWool Headband wicks away unwanted moisture and keeps your ears warm and toasty. The best part is the will not overheat the rest of your head. Made from merino wool, this is product to take with you while skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.

Go Green! Go White! Try out this Michigan State University Spartans Hoodie to keep you comforable on those cold windy days. This is the perfect product to show how much you love the Spartans. The plush cotton-blend fleece will keep you warm when the temperature dips. The hand-warming kangaroo pockets will keep your keys and phone convenient and at hand. With a full athletic fit, this hoodie is ideal for layering up!

It happens all the time… we fall down and get hurt just when all the fun starts. Prevent this from happening to your child. All three great products in one with this product! The Triple Eight Little Tricky Junior Protective Pack includes wristguards, knee pads, and elbow pads. The pads are all lightweight and breathable. This comes with an instructional safety DVD from “Kids Who Rip”. It is an action sports video featuring the next youth superstars. Keep your kids safe with this fantastic three-in-one product.

Are you ready to slim down? Want to work off last night’s dinner? The HIP HOP ABS DVD Set – 6 Workouts Set is sure to be fun and exciting. Check it out for your next workout. The dance program includes 4 DVD’s and a great step by step nutrition guide. Sean T. will get you going with this fat burning, ab sculpting workout. Best of all, it’s fun and can be done right at home.

Check out the shape of this bench! Specifically designed for a more efficient situp and abdominal workout, the Crescendo Fitness Curve Sit Up Bench with Dumbell Rack will be a perfect addition to your workout. Constructed of sturdy, durable steel, this product is sure to last! Adjustable leg support with foam leg supports help provide additional comfort. The bench folds flat for easy storage which makes it so convenient to have at your house.

Are you ready to strengthen up your pecs? This Powertec WB-PFA10 Workbench Pec Fly Accessory is the perfect place to start. The accessory is just like the classic dumbbbell fly and will help you keep proper form. Well built and with a lightweight frame, it provides quick and easy access and helps keep the tension on the muscles at all times. With dual moving lever arms you’ll be able to maximize the resistance without hurting yourself.

Low price, high quality – what more could you ask for? The Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Disc / Balance Cushion comes inflated and ready to go. This product requires you to use more muscles to stay balanced and provides a more complete workout. The cushions can be used for sitting or exercising. Another common use is as a child’s “wiggle seat”. What a great way to help calm anxious kid and modify their focus.