FOXPRO SpitFire Digital Game Caller

The FoxPro SpitFire Game Caller gives you high level quality predator calls with a simple wireless remote. For a fantastic price, this device plays Foxpro’s own FXP audio files and MP3 and WAV files. The product will run for 20-24 hours on 4AA batteries. This game caller has a single horn speaker for great volume and a clear, crisp sound.

Included calls: Coyote Locator, Coyote Male Challenge Scream, Female Coyote Bark Howl, Female Coyote Long Howl, Coyote Pup Scream, Coyote Pup Howl, Scream-n Gray Fax, Juvenile Red Fox Distress, Bobcat in Heat, Lightning Jack, Jackrabbit Distress, Snow Shoe Distress, Bay Bee Cottontail, Distressed Calf, Whitetail Buck Fawn, Vole Squeaks, Roar-n-Red Squirrel, Prairie Dog Distress, Lucky Bird, Raspy Woodpecker, Ranting Red Bird, Raccoon Fight, Crow Fight.