P90X Peak Results Package

Want results? The P90X Peak Results Package will get you there quickly. This package includes selected gear to help maximize your results. With 12 extremely diverse workouts on the DVD you can focus on a specific muscle group or technique. You will also get a one month supply of the results and recovery formula proven to speed up muscle repair and enhance growth after that intense workout. This stuff tastes great and adds the ideal ratio of carbs to protein. With this package you will receive three resistance bands, a three phase nutritional guide, a workout calendar, and a fitness guide that will teach you how to get started and take your workouts to the next level. You will receive the P90X Plus Workout DVD’s as well which add new advanced workouts to your P90X rotation. Whew! You sure get a lot of workout essentials with this results package. Because P90X uses an advanced training technique called, “muscle confusion” you will get lean and grow stronger with a fantastic variety of routines to keep you sweating and motivated.