Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Program

Take the challenge! Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Program is 60 days of extreme, hardcore training inside the comfort of your own home. Shaun T has put together 10 incredibly difficult workouts to push you to your absolute max. The exercises include long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest. Best of all, the workouts are short – all under one hour. All you need is some space. Pop in the DVD and get ready to sweat! The Fitness DVD program comes with a nutrition guide, a calendar to track your progress, and the DVD’s. If you are looking to lose weight, train for a marathon, or you are just simply STUCK into a workout routine, this program is worth a shot. Good Luck, 60 days of intense training will melt the fat away!