The Automatic Assist Power Bicycle

This Automatic Assist Power Bicycle is sure to provide some fun. This electric hybrid bike automatically adjusts the power boost to match your exact riding conditions. It has a pedal-activated controller to detect force exerted and changes in terrain. This helps supply just the right amount of power from the motor in the front wheel. The bike can also just be your normal bike with no motor at all. The real highlight of this bike is that it was the winner of the Best of Innovations in Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology at the 2010 Consumer Electric Show. The power bicycle operates just like a hybrid car. Crazy, right? The bike actually charges its battery on descents, when coasting downhill, or whenever the rear brake is applied. This model uses a compact, removable lithium-ion battery that stores in a lockable cage beneath the seat. Don’t miss out on this exciting hybrid bike.