A gimmick? No way, the Tennis Ball Saver is a great way to save some money. Nobody likes to play with flat tennis balls. This saver holds three balls and keeps the pressure right where they should be. Get more life out of your tennis balls.

The rubber coated handles on these Apex Threaded Dumbbell Handles ensure a comfortable grip. They are perfect for standard plates with a one inch hole. The price is right and we love that they have adjustable, threaded chrome collars for safe lifts. Start you weight lifting today with these great dumbbell handles.

If you want to improve sports performance and reduce the chances of injury, the LifeSpan Stretch Trainer is for you. Used by PGA and LPGA coaches to improve swing motion and range, this is perfect for all athletes. This trainer includes a stretching video that covers all major muscle groups. The Flex-Smart pivoting system provides a great range of motion to help you with various types of stretches and different levels of flexibility. The solid steel frame will support users up to 300 lbs and large wheels make it easy to transport.

People make up many excuses for not working out. Too tired, not enough room, or simply too busy. This Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar will give you a quick, efficient workout in a small area. Able to support over 300 lbs, this is ideal for chest dips, tricep dips, rows, knee raises and lots more. We love that it assembles easily and doesn’t even require tools to put together.

Step up your exercise with the Kettler Montana Stepper. With ergonomically shaped handlebars you are guaranteed safe exercising in different posistions. This stepper has an LCD training computer that will provide data feedback of time, step rate, energy consumption, total height climbed, pulse, and more. There are multiple settings for your optimum training experience. Get stepping today with this fantastic product from Kettler.

Your child is certainly bound to wipe out while learning how to ski! The Lucky Bums Ski Trainer is made for kids 6 and under to harness and leash your child. The safety handle is good for a one-handed lift after the child falls. It offers increased safety while loading and unloading from the chair lift. What a great way to get your child to learn to ski.

The Ankle & Foot Ice Wrap for Ankle Pain and Swelling is much better than your average everyday ice pack or bag of ice. Made for ankle and foot swelling, this ice wrap will last up to two hours. Inside the velvet fabric are two layers of ice pillows which remain flexible even when frozen. This provides a comfortable fit and conforms right to your ankle. Hand washable, this great ice pack is made to fit all sizes and is so handy to keep right in your freezer at home.

Ever been on a rocket? Here’s your chance! The Coop Turbo Rocket Sled is built for speed and will cruise through fresh snow like a rabbit. This 2-person sled offers high durability with 4 molded handles to provide an easy place to hold on. The sled includes a tow rops and the hydrofoil bottom will increase speed so that you are yelling with excitement. Give the rocket sled a go!

The Sibling Tricycle has 2 seats and allows siblings or friends to ride together. The child in the driver’s seat pedals and steers with the adjustable handlebars. The other child holds onto the handles and rests their feet on the tricycle’s frame. What a genius idea and fun for a family walk or stroll around the block. Both seats are wide for stability and spring cushioned for support.

Be extra comfortable with the Russell Outdoors APXg2 L4 Two Layer Soft Shell Jacket. This softshell jacket provides an outer layer in precipitation or more extreme weather conditions. The 100% polyester jacket has a microfleece lining, is wind resistant, and contains abrasion resistant fabric. This is a fantastic jacket for being outdoors while hiking, camping, or fishing and works well as an outer layer and mid-layer.

It’s time to take your workouts to a new level with the Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical. With an incredible 18 inch stride length, a 20 pound flywheel, and commercial grade construction, you are sure to be getting one great product. Best of all, this trainer is quiet and can be put comfortably anywhere in your home. The trainer supports iFit Live, the world’s first interactive fitness solution. It also uses Google Maps software to simulate terrain anywhere in the world. Now you can completely customize your workout program and even add competition to your workout by adding 5K races against your Facebook friends. With 18 built in programs, you are sure to be sweating and losing weight in no time!

Improving your hand-eye coordination is essential to becoming a good baseball or softball player. You need to keep your eye of the ball and focus when you are up to bat. With the ATEC Baseball/Softball Soft Toss Machine you’ll be able to properly practice these skills. The baseball pitching machine holds 22 baseballs or 16 softballs. It has an adjustable toss height and loft for accurate drills. A great product for all ages to get your game on track.

It is very important to stay in your target heart rate zone when working out. If you are not working hard enough, it will be difficult to get a proper workout. The Target Heart Rate Poster will help guide you to make sure you are working out in your zone and not overdoing it. We love that this full-color wall chart will even help to calculate personalized training zones based on maximum heart rate numbers.


Extremely comfortable, these Mens Ana Flex Shorts are great for any sort of activity from jogging around the neighborhood, doing yoga, or going for a nice walk. The 2-way stretch fabrication makes these shorts very durable and extra comfortable. The CoolMax liner helps to enhance moisure-wicking comfort.

Get your heartrate going with the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine. Get into shape with this great priced item that doesn’t take up too much space. Being compact and portable makes this product a top buy. Rowing is a great activity for overall cardiovascular fitness and total body strength. You’ll feel it in your arms, legs, abs, and buttocks. What a great way to build a strong back. Start nice and easy then build up your stamina. When finished, simply fold it up and store the machine in your closet or corner of the bedroom. Start rowing your way into shape!